3rd COLOR & CHEM EXPO-2017 (Free)


25 February, 2017 11:00 AM

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    A warm welcome from Lahore, a major urban centre with a relatively prospered and higher economy. 

    Lahore is also the 2nd largest metropolis of the country and is hailed as the industrial belt of Pakistan. 

    Being the capital of the largest province in Pakistan, the city has one of the largest development budgets in the country.

    Lahore is a leading commercial, banking, and industrial centre and has made rapid strides in the field of industry. The Provincial government has initiated the development of a new urban industrial city of a world class standard along the Lahore- Islamabad Motorway. 

    This city will have the largest industrial cluster in the country covering around 200 Sq.Km with a high supportive infrastructure.

    Along with the textile dyes & chemicals as important industry, there are many other industries are flourished such as pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, paints, detergents, petrochemicals, bleaching, food processing, leather, plastic, printing products, rubber, iron, steel, and other mills.

    Indeed, Lahore is the 2nd largest revenue producing to the national exchequer. Keeping in view, the trend of growing global market and it s competition, value addition city and industrial city is in the advance stage of its completion. 

    After observing the current growth pattern of industrialization, it is safely predicted, that establishing of industry by the investors / entrepreneurs, in Lahore, is a highly plausible, profitable and environmentally convenient.

    At current there is a growing demand for various chemicals, dyes and allied products in Pakistan. The Government also assures to adhere in its policy of supporting this industry. In result there is bright chance that the industry in Pakistan will, therefore, enjoy the benefits of a sellers' as well as buyers’ market.

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