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1 March, 2018 9:00 AM

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    Calling all photography lovers; it's that time of the year again! The Bestival 2018 is almost here, and this year we are going above and beyond! Literally; our theme is Transcendence, and that is what you guys will get, should you choose to join us.

    The procedure is simple, you register, send us five pictures (softcopies) based on the theme you are given, and then you come here and attend our photography workshops and interactive sessions with the judges, and you use all of that to proceed to the next round, and so on and so forth. 

    Keep in mind that though the images are judged primary on the quality of the photo itself, the judges do see what you write in the title and description. Therefore, it is a good idea to put some thought into what you write. 

    So, be specific, be original, and be honest; do tell us if you do a substantial amount of work to the image in a digital image editing program like Photoshop. We understand that sharpening and removing dust and scratches with the Clone tool is par for the course. That is not the kind of technique we are concerned about. We are concerned about dramatically changing a photo digitally. For instance, be forthright when you have used such tricks as the Flood filter or have created a composite out of two or more images.
    Additionally, please use a spellchecker! If you do not yet know the joys of a spellchecker, look into it. Once you've tried it, you nevur go back (that's a joke). 

    P.S Although digitally manipulated entries are allowed in the contest, we strongly encourage you to note your digital technique in the description of your photo. The judges do not discriminate against digital images but do appreciate when the contestant honestly and openly admits that such digital image editing has occurred.

    • Do not plagiarize or miss any deadlines
    • Send in the softcopies of your submissions by the 25th of February
    • Bring hardcopies of your submissions on the first day of the Bestival (10 inches x 13 inches with 1 inch white border (included in 10 inch x 13 inch) )
    • All submissions must have a title and a description

    NOTE: Workshops are only for participants. You may not attend a workshop without registering for the competition. 

    - Natasha Sohail Chaudhary (Head): 03233202048
    - Sadaf Zia (Deputy Head): 0321104252

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